इन्टरनेट की 5 सबसे अजीब रहस्मयी और अनसुलझी साइट

The Internet’s 5 Most Mysterious And Unsolved Sites -इन्टरनेट की 5 सबसे अजीब रहस्यमयी और अनसुलझी साइट. Internet Par 5 Website Ke Baare Me Jinka Koi Mahtav Hi Nhi Phir Bhi Unki Visitero Ya Traffice Bahut Hi Jayada Akhir Aisa Kya Hai Un Website Me .Jab Aap Inn Websites   Ko Open Karenge To Aap Haran Ho Jaoge .  .Jinka Aap Kabhi Bhi Open Nahi Kiye Honge  Or Inake Baare Me Aaj Bahut Kuch Janage . Dosto Internet Jaisa Hai Waisa Dikhta Nahi . Internet Per Bahut Si Aise Webiste Ya Kala Bhajari Hai Jiska Abhi Tak Kisi Ko Bhi Pata Nahi Hai . Internet Ek Aisi Duniya Hai Jisme Internet Use Karne Wale People Log Bahut Hi Sawdhan Se Karte Hai .



Internet Aapko Jitani Simply Dekhata Hai Akhirkar Waisa Nahi Hai.Ye Rahsamayak Chijo Se Bari Hui Hai Jiname Ham Bahut Chijo Ke Baare Me To Achhe Tarah Se Jante Hai Lakin Internet Par Aisi Bhi Chije Hai Jinako Ham Nhi Jante But Hum Unake Bare Me Sochete Hai . Aaj Jin 5 Website Ke Baare Me Baat Kar Rha Hu .Wo  Ek Rahsaymay Or Ansulagi Site Hai .Aap Bhi Inako Open Karke Dekhego To Aap Bhi Heran Ho Jaoge .So Ab Baat Karte Wo Kon Si 5 Site Hai .Internet’s 5 Most Mysterious And Unsolved Sites




Shayesaintjohn.Net Ek Aisi Website Hai .Jab Iss Website Ko Open Karenge To Jab Aapke Pass Kuch Darawani Image Show Hongi Jo Kuch Alag Ho Parkar Ki Aawaj Nikalti Hai . Jisse Aap Dar  Sakte Hai . Ye Website Kyo Banai Gai Isaka Abhi Tak Koi Pata Nhi Laga .Isame Image Me Bhut Pret Ki Jaise Aawaj Kyo Aati Hai .Ye Website Kya  Hai Isse Kyo Banaya Gaya Hai Isako Abhi Tak Koi Nahi Janta .Aap Jab Iss Site Pe Visit Karenge To Aap Sub Kuch Aashani Se Samj Jaoge.


yyyyyyy.info  ye website har baar rendome images ko hi janret karti hai.isme kuch vichictre image show hoti hai inn par aap click karte ho to aapke pass images alag alag aawaj me music chalata hai .agar aap phir se iss site ko reload karenge to aapke pass phir aalag image show hone lagegi yani aap jitani baar reload karenge to aapke pass image aati hai .akhirkar aisa kyo hota hai
#2.www.yyyyyyy.info. yyyyyyy info ye website har baar rendome images ko hi janret karti hai.isme kuch vichictre image show hoti hai inn par aap click karte ho to aapke pass images alag alag aawaj me music chalata hai .agar aap phir se iss site ko reload karenge to aapke pass phir aalag image show hone lagegi yani aap jitani baar reload karenge to aapke pass image aati hai .akhirkar aisa kyo hota hai
reddit ek aisi website hai jab isse aap visit karoge to aapko kuch numbers ke post dekhane ko milage uss  numbero me aisa kya hai kisi ko pata nhi or us post me bahut shari camments bhi hoti hai jaha tak mere ko lagata wo number kisi orgenjsoin  ke ho sakte hai aap iss website par visit jarur kare
I am going to say this Has something to do with a deadman’s switch…aka Edward snowden hashed key to very secretive information that might take down governments. again just by Looking at his username, it is definitely hash-file related. Sorry im not much helP but iM new to this rEddit site
planecrashinfo iss website me jitane bhi plane crash hote hai unki jankari hoti hai  isame crash hue palane ka name number  diye hue hote hai ajeb baat to ye hai ki ussme palane ki audeo recording bhi rahti hai abhi tak ye pata nahi chala hai ki ye jankari kyo rakate hai or isse usse kya benifit honga  iss website par palene ke crash ke aduio recording or plane ki puri jankari yani ki kitane canditet hai un sabhi ki information rahti hai .agar ye goverment ki website hoti to itana achhe tarike se palane ki information nahi hoti hai …
planecrashinfo site me kuch aisi hai aaj tak jitne bhi plan creash huye hai sabhi ki jankari mojud hai .
The reader of these reports is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best product possible from an NTSB group investigative effort. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context, could be misleading. The attached CVR transcript should be viewed as an accident investigation tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence gathered during the investigation. Conclusions or interpretations should not be made using the transcript as the sole source of information.
PlaneCrashInfo.com makes no claim of copyright of the audio files on this page. Copyright of Cockpit Voice Recordings belongs to the airline whose aircraft was involved in the accident.
  07 Jul 1962 Alitalia 771 Unable to make out your last message, will you please repeat
  07 May 1964 Pacific Air Lines 773 Skipper’s shot!  We’ve been shot. I was trying to help.
  08 Nov 1965 American Airlines 383 Have you still got the runway OK? Ah .. just barely .. we’ll pick up the ILS here.
  30 Jun 1967 Thai International 601 I have no radar contact with you.
  06 Nov 1967 Trans World Airlines 159 Not very # far off the runway. Sure as # isn’t.
  10 Aug 1968 Piedmont Airlines 230 Watch it!
  05 Jan 1969 Ariana Afghan Airlines 701 We’re finished!
  20 Mar 1969 Avion Airways – Four two delta got the strobe lights in sight
  05 Jul 1970 Air Canada 621 Pete, sorry.
  08 Dec 1972 United Airlines 553 Sound of stickshaker begins and continues to end of recording
  29 Dec 1972 Eastern Air Lines 401 Hey, what’s happening here?
  27Mar 1977 Pan Am / KLM 1736/4805 There he is .. look at him!  Goddamn that son-of-a-bitch is coming! Get off!
ATC 04 Apr 1977 Southern Airways 242 We’re going to do it right here.
11 Feb 1978 Pacific Western Airlines 314 He’s the emergency he’s crashed and is burning off the end of the runway.
ATC 25 Sep 1978 Pacific Southwest Airlines 182 Ma I love you.
  23 Dec 1978 Alitalia 4128 So he gave us wrong indications. We thought we were to the left.
  28 Dec 1978 United Airlines 173 United 173, Mayday!  We’re… the engines are flaming out – we’re going down! 
ATC 25 May 1979 American Airlines 191 Look at this. He blew up an engine. Equipment. We need equipment.
CVR 31 Oct 1979 Western Airlines 2605 Charlie,Charlie get it up.
  28 Nov 1979 Air New Zealand 901 Actually, these conditions don’t look very good at all, do they?
  19Aug 1980 Saudi Arabian Airlines 163 No need for that, we are okay, no problem, no problem.
CVR 13 Jan 1982 Air Florida 90 Larry, we’re going down, Larry….  I know it!
01 Sep 1983 Korean Airlines 007 What’s happened?
CVR 02 Aug 1985 Delta Air Lines 191 Push it way up.
CVR 12 Aug 1985 Japan Airlines 123 All hydraulics failed.
BDCST 22 Oct 1986 WNBC news copter – …hit the water…hit the water…hit the water.
  08 Jun 1988 VASP 168 What? There’s what?  Some hills, isn’t there?
  31 Aug 1986 Aeromexico 498 Oh  #### this can’t be!Oh  #### this can’t be!
  09 May 1987 LOT Polish Airlines 5055 Goodnight, Goodbye, We Perish!
  28 Nov 1987 South African Airways 295 We have, er, a smoke problem and we are doing an emergency descent!
ATC 28 Apr 1988 Aloha Airlines 243 We cannot communicate with the flight attendants.
  26 Jun 1988 Air France 296Q Watch out for those pylons ahead, eh. See them? Yeah, yeah, don’t worry.
CVR 31 Aug 1988 Delta Airlines 1141 We got an engine failure.  We’re not gonna make it. Full power..
  08 Feb 1989 Independent Air 1851 Can’t keep this SOB thing straight up and down.
  24 Feb 1989 United Airlines 811 What the hell was that?  I don’t know.
  07 Jun 1989 Surinam Airways 764 That’s it I’m dead.
CVR 19 JUl 1989 United Airlines 232 Nah, I can’t pull ’em off or we’ll lose it, that’s what’s turning ya.
  25 Jan 1990 AVIANCA 052 Flame out! Flame out on engine number four.
  01 Feb 1991 USAir/Skywest 1493/5569 Okay, we just had a seven thirty-seven land and blow up
  03 Mar 1991 United Airlines 585 Oh, God … flip!
  26 May 1991 Lauda Air 004 Ah, reverser’s deployed.
ATC 04 Oct 1992 El Al 1862 Going down…eh…1862, going down, going down, copied going down?
  21 Dec 1992 Martinair 495 A bit low, bit low, bit low.
  31 Mar 1993 Japan Airlines 46E Lost number one and two.
  18 Aug 1993 American Int. Airways 808 There it goes, there it goes!  Oh no!
  04 Apr 1994 KLM Cityhopper 195 Watch your speed. Going around.
  26 Apr 1994 China Airlines 140 It’s OK, It’s OK, don’t hurry, don’t hurry.
  02 Jul 1994 USAir 1016 Down, push it down.
  08 Sep 1994 USAir 427 Hang on. What the hell is this? 
  31 Oct 1994 American Eagle 4184 OK, mellow it out, mellow it out.
  13 Dec 1994 American Eagle 3379 Why’s that ignition light on?  We just had a flame-out?
  21 Aug 1995 Atlantic Southeast Airlines 529 Amy, I love you.
  22 Sept 1995 U.S. Air Force 27 Crash landing.  We’re goin’ in.  We’re going down.
  20 Dec 1995 American Airlines 965 Uh.. where are we.
  06 Feb 1996 Birgenair 301 Oh what’s happening
ATC 11 May 1996 Valujet 592 Uh, smoke in the cockpit… smoke in the cabin.
ATC 17 Jul 1996 TWA 800 I think that was him.  I think so. God bless him.
  29 Aug 1996 Vnokovo Airlines 2801 Mountains!!!
CVR 02 Oct 1996 Aeroperu 603 What shit have they done?
  19 Nov 1996 United Express 5925 What, oooh ###. Oh ### me.
ATC 06 Aug 1997 Korean Air 801 Well, he must have crashed then.
  26 Sep 1997 Garuda Indonesia Airlines 152 Aaaaaa. Allah Akbar.
  16 Feb 1998 China Airlines 676 Oh my God!  Oh my God!
ATC 02 Sep 1998 Swissair 111 And we are declaring emergency now Swissair one eleven.
  01 Jun 1999 American Airlines 1420 Aw ####, we’re off course…we’re way off.
  31 Oct 1999 Egypt Air 990 I rely on God
  13 Jan 2000 Avisto – OK we are ditching.
ATC 31 Jan 2000 Alaska Airlines 261 Ah here we go.
  17 Jul 2000 Indian/Alliance Airlines 7412 Would like to do one 360 due to high on approach Sir.
  19 Jul 2000 Airwave Transport 9807 What the #### is going on?
  25 Jul 2000 Air France 4590 Concorde forty-five ninety you have flames, you have flames behind you.
  31 Oct 2000 Singapore Airlines 006 #### something there.
  04 Jul 2001 Vladivostokavia 352 That’s all guys! Fuck!
  11 Sep 2001 United Airlines 93 When they all come, we finish it off.
  12 Nov 2001 American Airlines 587 What the hell are we into. We’re stuck in it.
  08 Nov 2002 Richmor Aviation – Oh # what’s that.
  22 Jun 2003 Brit Air 5572 I have nothing in front of me.
  03 Jan 2004 Flash Air 604 See what the aircraft did!
  27 Aug 2006 Comair 5191 That’s weird with no lights.
  01 Jun 2009 Air France 447 Damn it, we’re going to crash… This can’t be happening! 
  17 JuL 2007 Tam 3054 Oh my god, oh my god
ATC 15 Jan 2009 US Airways 1549 We’re gonna be in the Hudson.
12 Feb 2009 Continental Express 3407 We’re down.
CVR 10 Apr 2010 Polish Air Force 1549 F*ckkkkkk
kuch iss tarah ki information iss site me hai . aaap dekh sakte hai .
john ek aisi website hai jab aap isse open karoge to aapke pass kuch image show hongi un image par aap click karoge to aapke pass ek code magega par hame wo code pata nahi hota hai ye website 2000 se hi chalate aa rhi hai kisi ko ye bhi pata ki in image par aisa kya hai .
Aapko hamari jankari kaise  lagi aap hame camment kare  or bataiye  . and isase releted qution kijiye aapki help jarur ki jayagi.]
Aap hamari post ko social networking site par bhi share kar sakte  hai.and hamari post apane email par pane ke liye niche subscripe kare.



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